1. Staffan Lindeberg, born in 1950, MD PhD, Associate professor, Department of Medicine, University of Lund, Sweden. During his training in Family Medicine he became interested on evolutionary aspects of healthy eating.
  2. In the years around 1990 he led surveys in a non-western population in Kitava, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, Western Pacific, who apparently do not suffer from stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, overweight or hypertension. >>read more>>
  3. His research group has recently published the first randomized controlled trials of a Paleolithic diet in animals and in humans.
  4. He is an often invited speaker across Europe on the concept of paleolithic diet (Old Stone Age diet) in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and overweight. He still works part-time as a GP. Many of his patients are eager to hear what they are designed to eat.
Staffan Lindeberg